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when four americans were murdered overseas? >>> targeted by the irs. a stunning admission and an apology tonight. why the government is saying sorry to the tea party and admitting mistakes were made. >> reporter: found alive. after an incredible 17 days trapped beneath rubble, tonight how a young woman survived an awful building collapse that has now claimed over a thousand lives. >>> and the rising. a spectacular crowning achievement high above new york city. now once again an incomparable view from the top. now once again an incomparable view from the top. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. it is now clear that a lot of things influence what the obama administration said about the attack on september 11 of this past year on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the attack raged for hours. in the end there were four dead. quotes gathered from government e-mails after the event now show some people seem to be as concerned over how to describe it as they were over what had happened. our ambassador and three others had
verbatim information to folks, and including the speaker of the house. >> concerning the irs, is the president concerned about the allegations and will he make sure that those involved are held accountable. >> allegations oses what? >> the irs story. >> i health spoken to the president about that but you can be sure that if there was inappropriate conduct here that he would want it thoroughly investigated and we would not tolerate that. >> when did the white house become aware that the irs was looking into the tax. exempt applications. >> i don't have an answer to that specifically. i know when the -- they gap investigating it, it's been investigating for however long the irs said but i don't have a specific answer to that. what i can tell you is what we learned today, two things, one, the irs has clearly taken action to correct this. clearly stated from the leadership of the irs, that this is unappropriate and unacceptable behavior, and we concur with that and expect a thorough investigation, and for all the necessary corrections to be made. >> conservative groups are compla
from the outside. he filled out irs forms to cover for nonexistent w-2 forms and claimed wages from $40,000 to $60,000. then he asked for refunds of anywhere between $3,500 and $6,000 for jobs that were never done, tax refunds not due. >> you have all these people out here in society working and paying taxes is legit, then criminals coming along and taking these people's money. >> it's not just him. take this guy, 42-year-olds samuel warren. a registered sex offender from antioch. court records show while serving a ten-year sentence he and his wife teamed to file 800 fraudulent tax returns. or this other registered sex offenders. while serving in corcoran he teamed with his wife and irs employee to file false tax returns in theirs and other inmates names claiming $18,000 in refunds they were not due. >> it got fairly big. >> reporter: the tax man doesn't know the half of it. according to data sent by state departments, 3700 fake income tax returns were caught coming out of california prisons. nationwide, nearly 45,000. >> we are talking billions of dollars requested by prisoners. >> jay
at 3. [inaudible conversations] >> treasury secretary jack lew and acting irs commissioner steven miller testified wednesday before a senate be appropriations subcommittee on their department's 2014 budget request and the effect of automatic spending cuts on their employees and operations. this hearing is an hour, 40 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon, everybody. the subcommittee on financial services and general government will come to order. today the hearing will be about the department of treasury's request for their fiscal '14 appropriations, and we will also hear, take testimony from acting director mr. miller from the internal revenue service, and we will also be listening to the ig for the department of treasury to give us ideas and recommendations on how we can improve the functioning of government, avoid any boondoggles particularly in the area of technology and also we're taking hearing particularly on irs, we're not only going to talk about what are the best ways to collect the money, but also make sure we have a seasons of frugality on how we spend t
calls to investigate the irs after the agency, which is supposed to remain neutral, admits to targeting conservative groups right before the 2012 election. organization using the names patriots or tea party in their application for tax exempt status were flagged for further review. the irs now apologizing, but the bigger issue developing. this is the same agency set to enforce the new health care law. someone here says watch out. folks opposing obamacare could be the next target. hi, everyone. i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." here they are. gary, tobin, jonas, john, and david. nice to have you. welcome to everybody. toby, you said based on history, anyone who goes against the health care law should be ready for an audit? >> yeah. the history started with kennedy. get back to his enemies. there was audits. nixon is famous for this. it's been a historical per view of the president to go after his or her enemies with audits. by the way, that is about the biggest way you can get to somebody's face and this type of attack, if you were to not pay obamacare or be anti-this, or yo
out for you! >> sean: tonight a hannity investigation into the irs targeting tea party conservatives. we have full coverage but first our top story tonight. the white house is scrambling to respond to brand new allegations that top administration officials were responsible for editing the benghazi talking points. in a moment we will show you highlights from today's intense press briefing. first an abc news investigation is revealing that the benghazi talking points that they were revised 12 separate times. it is important to note we he now have proof that major edits were made at the suggestion of political appointees. one of those officials was state department spokeswoman victoria new land when she received an early draft of the talking points she made the political judgment to remove the paragraphs detailing recent terrorist attacks in the region because it "could be abused by members of congress to beat up the state department for not paying attention to warnings." so why would we want to feed that? remember, that was an e-mail from a top aide to the secretary of state. not a mem
're sorry. that's what the irs is saying to conservative groups and tea party members after at mitting it was "inappropriate" to target those groups during the 2012 election. the irs singling out dozens of organizations to see if they were guilty of violating their tax exempt status. some tea party groups are saying an apology isn't enough. and now congress is calling for an investigation. we have more now on the story. molly? >> reporter: hi, yes, more republicans are joining the chorus calling into an investigation. why the irs singled out various conservative political groups for extra scrutiny during the 2012 election year as these groups applied for tax-exempt status. just because they had words like "tea party" or "patriots" in their names. some groups have been waiting for years for that tax-exempt status to be granted. as the irs investigated them. lois learner, who heads the irs division that oversees tax-exempt groups, says it was simply a way, albeit an inappropriate way, to categorize groups applying for this kind of tax-exempt status. and that there was not any political b
about their groups and contacts. here is how one tea party leader described the increased irs scrutiny. >> every facebook post and comment on our facebook page, every e-mail we send in the names of any congressman or sthor or staffer that are supported around the country talk to is a complete violation of the first amendment rights. we have a right to talk to our congressman and senators as citizens. the irs doesn't need to be asking for that much information from us. >> certainly conservatives are singled out and they had words such as tea party or patriot in their name. the law allows 501c4 tax exempt status even if they do political advocacy as long as political advocacy is not their main mission. the irs said there was an increase of groups applying for 501c4 status, but officials looking for a way to find out which are not meeting the legal requirements and started with the names. >> they didn't do this because there was political bias going on. they did it because they were working together. this was a stream line way for them to refer to the cases, and they didn't have the appr
references to terrorism. carnie discusses the acknowledge by the i.r.s. that they unfairly audited groups for their tax status. his briefing is about an hour. >> good friday afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for being here. i appreciate your patience. before i take your questions i want to note because it has been reported we did as many of you know, have a background briefing here earlier at the white house. i think 14 news organization were represented from online, print and the like. we do those periodically. we hope that the participants find them helpful. no one here thinks that is a substitute for this briefing that is why i'm here to take questions and with that i will go to the associated press. >> thanks, jay. two subjects starting out with the i.r.s. issue. i.r.s. says they flag conservative name -- groups. [unintelligible] when did the white house become aware that the i.r.s. engaged in this? in a tax collection system that relies on trust, do you think e i.r.s.'s credibility is at stake here? and will they call for an investigation? >> we certainly seen those reports.
of the treasury and focus on the irs. the treasury department's largest bureau and the irs accounts for half of the subcommittee funding we are so pleased secretary could join us serving on a new rule a crucial role in this very important time in our economy. as to tours of duty as the omb director, the importance of the process to create traditions that generate jobs today and grow our economy that's why i support the president's budget level of 1.5 trillion, the same that we agreed to in the american tax payer relief act that we past ten years ago. we know that there will be a difference of opinion with the house who is marking out the ryan budget of $906 billion. there are going to be issues in their so what does the treasury need, and what is it that we need? this book this week as public service recognition week where we support public employees for their tireless work. the treasury staff are on the job providing value for the taxpayers. they do things like sanctions, new sanctioned experts at the office of foreig
the 2012 election. here is the official who is in charge of the irs division that oversees tax exempt groups. >> we made some mistakes. some people didn't use good judgment. some of the applicant high school to wait longer than we would hope. so for that, we're apologetic. but we've now corrected these issues and don't expect that any of this will be repeated in the going forward. >> arthel: however, her acknowledge doing little to calm the growing outrage in the nation's capitol. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. molly? >> or the growing outrage among conservative groups who had applied for 501 c 4 tax exempt status and were suggested to those -- subjected to those increased scrutiny by the irs because they had words like tea party and patriot in their names. here is how one tea party leader described it. >> they wanted every single facebook post and comment on our facebook page, every e-mail we sent and the names of any congressman or senator or staffers that are supporters from around the country talked to. it's a complete violation of our first amendment rights. >>
groups for additional irs review because of the political and its theological positions. occurring during last year's election to see if they were in violation of the tax-exempt status. tea party leaders are refusing to accept the apology and in fact, said tea party patriots organization said the revelation is called matt disturbing, illegal and averages abuse of government power. both the irs prospector and general and the house of representatives say they will be investigating. the latest crop is so woman and bad idea why more than half of them want to repeal the of president's signature health care program. it is a real-estate day to day one of the most influential men is richard smith, we talk real estate next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1%ash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% re cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's theard fopeo >> pelley: tonight, the i.r.s. targets political groups. in a surprise announcement, the i.r.s. apologizes for singling out tea party organizations for extra scrutiny in the election year. chip reid is on the story. we've learned who fathered the child born to one of the captives in cleveland. dean reynolds reports. for the first time, former hostage jessica buchanan describes her rescue by seal team 6. >> i don't understand you're americans thinking how did you get here? and i'm still alive. >> pelley: and for mother's day, steve hartman "on the road" measures the depth of one woman's love for a child she could not keep. >> she's our baby. she was our baby the moment we looked at her. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the internal revenue service admitted today that some of its employees targeted conservative political groups for extra scrutiny, in violation of its own policy and despite its earlier denials. the groups were applying for tax-exempt status. the i.r.s. says that the agency found out about the targeting last
tonight among conservative groups. the irs has admitted targeting some of those groups for scrutiny during the 2012 election season. agency apologized today but chief national correspondent jim angle says they won't be enough. >> the irs made an extraordinary admission today saying it mistakenly probed and held up applications for tax exempt status for conservative political groups. >> they used names like tea party and patriot. they selected cases because the application had those names in the title. >> reporter: the official in charge of nonprofit profit designations in 75 such applications, irs officials stepped over the line by asking for a list of donors in some cases or seeking more information than the irs needed. >> that was wrong. that was absolutely incorrect. it was insensitive and inappropriate. that is not how we go about selecting cases for further review. >> reporter: even the white house conceded the need for an investigation. >> certainly does seem to be based on what we've seen to be inappropriate action that we would want to see thoroughly investigated. >> they apologize
opportunity tax credit, also referred to as the education credit. if the irs freezes a questionable earned income tax credit claim, it will later disallow the additional tax credit claims 67% of the time. the irs could have prevented $419 million in erroneous credits and a review this at the same time as the earned income tax credit. it was also reported that as of may 2010, over 2 million taxpayers received $3.2 billion in potentially erroneous refunds for the education cren potentias for the education credit. as demand for taxpayer services continue to rise, researchers have affected the quality of customer service that the irs was able to provide. in september of 2012, it was reported that an increase in limited resources continue to adversely affect the level of service of the irs with its toll-free telephone lines. continued enforcement remains important more than these executives that are eligible for retirement. within five fiscal years, nearly 70% of all irs executives and nearly one half of the managers are projected to be eligible for retirement. overall, 40% of the irs employees
, the other is about this irs embarrass him we talked about. let me run through what we know about so far. first of all, the tea party and other conservative groups have complained they got extra scrute if i from the irs. the irs denied it. today the irs came out today and said they were right, we were wrong. they blamed it on a bureaucratic mistake done by civil servants they said was not for political motivations but rather for the result of a categorization error of people facing a flood of applications. the tea party, nevertheless, rejected the apologies the irs offered. they wanted to see action not only from the irs, but the president and capitol hill and mitch mcconnell said they wanted the administration to conduct an entire review across the government to see if other of what mitch mcconal called thuggish practices had taken place. democrats and white house press secretary jay carney is briefing this afternoon, echoed the calls for investigation and said what happened is wrong. >> what we know about this is of concern and we certainly find the action taken has reported to be inap
mcconnell of kentucky. house off the representatives will say that the house will investigate why the irs targeted 80 party group. 75 groups were selected between 2010 and 2012. the next 45 minutes we are quick to get your reaction. those things you can react off of, the irs is actions specifically. and then what can be done about it. give us a call. if you want to comment on our social media platforms -- if you are just following the story the associated press bricks down what happened. it says -- eric counter -- eric cantor sent out this tweet -- this going to talk about for the first 45 minutes this morning. the phone lines will be on your screen. @cspanwj is how you reach us on twitter. some of the facebook comments this morning -- two of the comments on facebook. send us tweets cspanwj. this is from the "associated press," -- we will go to the calls. republican line, this is raymond, good morning. my comment is this whole isuation -- our government sitting there being bipartisan. i'm assuming that our constitution is not being adhered to by this particular administration. be easier t
to begin with the hour with the new information about the irs. the irsed admitted its's made mistakes. they knew the tea party was being targeted for years. the chief correspondent dana bash is on the phone with us. treating one group differently than another in america. what can you tell us? >> that's disturbing just to start with. what's more disturbing tonight as far as gregs nal investigators feel like they were lied to by senior officials at the irs because we have now confirmed according to a congressional source that the interim report that the irs inspector general is going to put out said that senior officials at the irs knew in june of 2011 that their employees were targeting members or groups that had any suggestion of being tea party groups. june of 2011. now that is significant because the commissioner testified before congress in march of 2012 and adamantly denied it. there's a question of whether or not he knew. if he did, then lying to congress in a hearing like that that is a big no-no. sit a crime. if he didn't know, why didn't he know? why was he allowed to come in
-- that the irs paid out billions of dollars in refunds to people who were not code it. this weekend, we're featuring the history and literary culture of yuma, arizona. bookat noon on c-span2's tv. all of our programs will air in one block am including -- one block, including a publicity stunt meant to get the local airbase reopened. -- there was a friend of our family name george murdoch, who i later married. he owned a convertible. he bought it for $2800. he and my brother started practicing with it, with the car and airplane to see how refueling might work. it turned out they took out some cream cans for my gary that were two and a half gallon capacity. onto it.d i handle the the off-duty pilot sitting on the right could reach down -- the car and airplane went down the runway, whatever direction they wanted to go, and it would be around 65 miles per hour. the crew from the car would hand up the gasoline, and the off- duty pilot would reach down and pick it up. maybe for cans during a run. -- four cans during a run. to refuel at 6:00 in the morning. then one at 6:00 in the evening. the
an investigation. issa said in a statement, quote, the fact that americans were targeted by the irs because of their political beliefs is unconscionable. the committee will follow up on the report and hold responsible officials accountable for this political retaliation. he wants to know why the irs schkd out various conservative groups for extra scrutiny my ni during the 2012 election year as they applied for takes exempt status because they had words like tea party or patriot in their name. lois learner insists it was simply a way, albeit an inappropriate way, to categorize groups for this ex zblemgs that was wrong and it was insensitive and inappropriate. that is not how we go about selecting cases for further review. >> molly: learner said there was no, quote, political bias to review these groups. tea party leaders are not convinced and they think the apology is fair enough. they want some kind of punishment for those that made the decisions. >> these people need to be terminated or they need to resign. its clear abuse of power. unelected public servants are supposed to serve our citiz
and focusing on irs. the treasury department's largest bureau and the irs account for half of the subcommittee spending. we are so pleased secretary lew could join us in his everyman a crucial role at this important time in our economy. secretary lew knows better than anyone the importance of the appropriations process to create conditions that generate jobs today and grow our economy. that's why support the budget of 1.5 trillion as we agreed to in the american taxpayer relief act pitches past four months ago. we know there will be a difference of opinion with the house or enough that the ram budget level of $996. so there are going to be issues they are. right now the issue is to hear what the treasury needs from what it is we need. the bush this week is public service recognition week when we support public employees for their tireless work. the treasury staffer on the job providing value for the taxpayers. they do things extinction experts at the office of foreign assets control target sources of finance is
in the media obsessed? and later the irs targets the tea party for audits around then then they apologize. lots to get to. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: you know there is a cover-up of a cover-up when an investigation called a witch hunt. "new york times" editorial board called benghazi a republican obsession saying, quote. common sense and good judgment have long given way to conspiracy mongering and relentless effort to discredit obama and clinton. so they protect the print and obvious point who put the damn video. that what's scares them. as the times notes, the real scandal is that serious follow-up on security in libya is going unaddressed. actually, no. the real scandal is who pushed the damn video, you can't answer that without heads rolling, better to pretend security of the consulate. you are going tell me that you wouldn't call for blood if it was president romney? remember your big stink about his tax returns. this is school yard pickup game. the media picks sides. one side and we are the underdog. the rebels. the hoosiers, it's rocky and bad news bear. it's
tratamiento que necesita que es un aborto terapÉutico. >> en el salvador un mÉdico puede ir a la cÁrcel si realiza un aborto. >> la ministra parece apoyar a la beatrÍz. >> porque viva beatrÍz. >> pero estÁ en manos de la corte suprema de justicia, el caso mantiene dividido en las calles a los salvadoreÑos. >> tiene el derecho de decidir por su vida. >> yo estoy en contra, beatrÍz mantiene aislada en la cama en donde segÚn los informes tiene 20 semanas de embarazo y estÁ siendo trataba por sus padecimientos sin duda serÁ una decisiÓn polÉmica cualquiera que sea que estÁ en vida la vida de personas. barrientos. telemundo. >> al volver en el noticiero telemundo, vamos a conocer a una >> ahora vamos a conocer a una mujer que ha sido como una madre para mÁs de 6.000 niÑos sin hogar, la conocen como mamÁ gin, ha creado un vecindario entero en donde los niÑos encuentran una familia, vanessa nos informa. >> adriana me permitiÓ ir a su casa <.> >> todos la conocen como mamÁ gil. >> (hablando en inglÉs). >> es la fundadora del refugio para niÑos su casa, hogar de mÁs de 200 niÑo
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to the story we're telling you about, irs is admitting 75 conservative groups were unfairly target by agents particularly those in the tea party. liz: itch red son in -- rich edson with the developing story. >> admission stra the internal revenue service that irs employees in cincinnati singled out conservative groups applying for exempt status. they singled out 300 groups for further review. a quarter of them because they featured the word tea party or patriot in their applications. on a conference call the director of irs exempt organizations says that is absolutely inappropriate and not the way we ought to do things the obama administration says, it will investigate this. >> irs is an independent enforcement agency. the, which i believe, as i understand it, contains only two political appoint sees within it. the individual who was running irs at the time was actually an appoint efrom the previous administration. but separate from that, there is no question that if this activity took place, it is inappropriate and there needs to be action taken and the president would expect that it be tho
at on "cbs this morning saturday." a huge scandal at the irs. officials admit tax agents targeted conservative political groups during the 2012 campaign. >>> the case tightens against the kidnapping suspect ariel castro. dna evidence shows he fathered a daughter with one of the victims victims. >>> touring the u.s. and making headlines. we'll show you where he is today. >>> it's now the highest in the western hemisphere. come atop its crowning achievement right here on "cbs this morning saturday," may 11th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs >>> and good morning. welcome to the weekend. welcome to you. nice to see you again. >> hey, it's great to be here. we have a really really good show today. >> we do have a good show. it was so inspiring to see them top the world trade center. >> and so scary, the camera looking down, all the way down. >> incredible. we have a great guest for you in studio 57 including one of the world's most popular singers. josh groban will be performing in our second cup cafe. >> very excited about that. and a special mother's day brunch
is i think the word by. the irs admitted today that some workers, local workers, this is what we know of the story at this point targeted groups that had the words "tea party" or "patriots" during the 2012 election. these are groups that the internal revenue service overseas many non-profit groups have become big in the political landscape. the dumbness of doing this to me is in some ways striking. the irs is criticized roundly or not actively enforcing what they should be but much less targeting groups based on no real evidence. your thoughts? >> you say dumbness, i say outrageous. the irs has to have an eye on these supposedly non-profit, non-partisan groups to make sure they're not engaging in political activity. prior to this my continuing complaint with the irs it doesn't do enough to make sure the nonprofit groups are engaging in political activity. the worst thing that the irs can do is make itself look political/ideological and to make it look like it's picking on some political groups and not others. that is terrible, it needs to be stop. i'd like to know more about how this
obama. focused on the irs confirmation it targeted conservative political groups in last election cycle. republicans are calling the irs politically motivated. it was quite a news conference today with jay carney. now the obama administration is responding. all of that is coming up inside "the fox report." are everywhere these days. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 but there is one source with a wealth of etf knowledge tdd: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource.. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers tdd: 1-800-345-2550 and extensive coverage of major asset classes. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 all brought to you by one firm with tdd: 1-800-345-2550 comprehensive education, tools and personal guidance tdd: 1-800-345-2550 to help you find etfs that may be right for you. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 schwab etf onesource. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 for the most commission-free etfs, tdd: 1-800-345-2550 you only need one source and one place. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 start trading commissi
treated unfairly by the government. they said they were being unfairly targeted by the irs. tea party groups applied for tax exempt status and some of them got back letters from the irs like this one addressed to the waco, texas tea party. dear sir or madam, we need more information before we can consider your application for exemption. they wanted linings like copies of web pages, newsletters, any and all literature, copies of agendas and minutes from board meetings, copies of minutes from board officers. the oversight committee asked the commissioner about this seemingly extra attention that was being paid by the irs specifically to these tea party groups. >> i've gotten a number of letters. just recently we've seen some recent press allegations that the irs is targeting certain tea party groups across the country requesting what have been described as owners' document requests, delaying approval for tax-exempt status and that kind of thing. can you elaborate on what's going on with that? can you give us assurances that the irs are not targeting particular groups based on political
en la prevenciÓn, alÍnea diferentes agencias para ir a la causa, para atender el fenÓmeno que derive en hechos criminales. >>> el ejercito sigue en las calles, y hay quejas de violaciones a los derechos humanos por parte de las fuerzas armadas, hasta cuÁndo? >>> en este tema en particular hubo una disminuciÓn en mÁs de un 60%. >>> estÁ abogando por una reforma migratoria? >>> es un tema de la polÍtica interna del gobierno de estadounidense, y estamos atentos al desarrollo que tenga, si eventualmente en momento de aprobarse deberÍamos de tener algÚn tipo de cooperaciÓn, precisamente para garantizar lo que es un esfuerzo que venimos realizando para tener fronteras seguras. >>> el presidente peÑa nieto hablÓ de restringir el acceso de funcionarios de estados unidos a la lucha contra el narcorafico, y dijo estamos ordenando la cooperaciÓn. y mÁs temprano converse con el presidente obama en el impresionante museo de antropologÍa y nos respondiÓ temas como seguridad e inmigraciÓn, y le preguntÉ por quÉ continÚan las deportaciÓn. y le mencione que hay madres protestando a
next year. >>> a big uh-oh for the irs after admitting some of their employees singled out conservative groups when they applied for tax exempt status. apparent lit irs employees called for extra scrutiny on certain audits in 2012 and election year. >> they used names like tea party or patriots and they selected cases, simply because of the application that had those names in the title. that was wrong, the irs would like to apologize for that. >> and now some republican lawmakers are calling for a thorough investigation. the white house says that both the treasury department and the irs are looking into the matter. >>> well some people travel all over the world collecting souvenirs and memorabilia. but a northern california couple decided to forgo the keepsakes. >> instead they turned their property into a vacation album of sorts. kristin marshall has the story. >> we wanted to think back to the feeling as we don't replicate things exact. but it's just a feeling. >> reporter: from the zen chinese garden to a water fountain and a look alike stone hedge display all in the backyard. the pa
them. >>> meanwhile, the white house is responding to news today that the irs improperly targeted tax-exempt conservative groups during last year's presidential campaign. john harwood now with the story. john? >> maria, i just stepped out of a white house briefing with press secretary jay carney, where he is dominated by questions about the benghazi public statements the administration made, but he also, at the beginning of the briefing, got questions abouts this irs revelation. basically what happened is last year the irs denied that it was singling out tea party groups for special scrutiny. today, the irs acknowledged that that had happened. jay carney said that this was inappropriate. he wants to see the irs make corrections. said there's an inspector general's investigation. he didn't add new information to what we had already heard about it, but this is an embarrassment for the white house, especially as these questions about the public statements on benghazi are also dominating public attention, maria. >> so john, let me get this straight. during that heated, you know, president
republicans are obsessed with benghazi. is it obama aapologies in the media obsessed? and later the irs targets the tea party for audits around then then they apologize. lots to get to. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ there you go. come on, let's play! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to protect your dog from dangerous parasites. good boy. fetch! trifexis is the monthly, beef-flavored tablet that prevents heart
in a town near you. and targeting the tea party and conservatives. the irs admitting they did it and now they say they are sorry. but is the apology accepted? we report, you decide. "fox & friends" hour one starts right now. get the coffee. >> alisyn: good morning, everybody. good morning, guys. clayton morris, good morning. >> get the coffee this morning. probably glad at the white house that it's the weekend right now. no more white house press briefings that they have to deal with like whew, we get a few days off from the press grilling us over the latest benghazi news. >> it's not just fox. the story that this network almost alone has kept in the news for the past five months exploded into the rest of the media yesterday. benghazi gate you may have seen it if you had the television on yesterday. jay carney, the white house press secretary had a simple answer for every allegation the cia did it. >> alisyn: right, so when the cia first put out their talking points of what happened on the night of september 11th in benghazi. it was filled with references to al qaeda or al qaeda affiliat
tuchman, cnn, cleveland. >> breaking news for you now here on cnn. the irs apparently targeting the tea party. that's next. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >>> welcome back here. we're live in cleveland, covering the rescue, the recovery of these three women held in captivity in that home for nearly a decade. once again, as we have been here all week, you can see the activity behind me, the fbi back here on seymour avenue. so we'll have the latest on the investigation in just a moment. but, first, some other items in the news today beginning with los angeles. the michael jackson wrongful death lawsuit reveals new details about jackson's behave shortly after he died. the woman who served as michael jackson's makeup artist for some 27 years testified that he was talking to himself and shivering. karen fay said when she looked at the tour schedule, she didn't believe jackson could pull it off. when she voiced her concerns to the show director, quote, he kind of fluffed it off. that's what she says.
, as well as democratic. >> all right. meanwhile republicans are asking for investigations into the irs. the agency apologized friday after some employees of their cincinnati office were found to have flagged groups with the words tea party or patriot ahead of the 2012 election. those groups received extra scrutiny during the tax exempt application process, including being asked to provide a list of donors. so joining me to talk about all of this. national political reporter for politico wanda summers and congressional reporter for "the washington post" ed o'keefe. thanks for being with me today. >> great to be with you. >> thanks for having us. >> ed, let me start with you. jay carney said in november that there was just a single adjustment made to the talking points, changing the word consulate to diplomatic facility. well, now, we're seeing there were, in fact, 12 separate drafts, with significant changes, including eliminating references to terrorism. but keeping the point about the cairo demonstration as the spark that really set off the attacks. so, ed, what does this do to the ad
department $13,177,000,000, for the whole department of treasury. and within that, there's a request for irs. and mr. miller, that request is for 12,000,861,000,000, is that correct? and then, however, when we enacted fiscal '13 finally on march 27 with incredible bipartisan support, we were able to pass the continuing funding resolution. that was 11,793,000,000, i believe, is that correct? but you had a sequester of 594 million, and then because you are a big agency, another 2%. so don't we have across-the-board cuts of 618 million? >> that sounds biggest is that what you're living with? >> 620 sounds right. >> $620 million coming out of the irs with its technological challenges. one, cybersecurity, the other technological and modernization in order for you to receive data and to do the job we ask you to do. then you have personnel. and from what i gather your personnel is a highly touted one, because it requires people with business, accounting, and other pretty technical skills, and my correct in that? >> the passenger of our folks are very professional in terms of knowing the tax law and
in the media who are obsessed with protecting the president? later, the irs l targets the tea party for audits and then apologize. but is that enough? stay with us. lots to get to this hour then they apologize. lots to get to. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone wants... ♪ 50% more doo wop ♪ 50% more buckarooooooooos ♪ 50% more yeeeaaahhhh!!!! ♪ 50% more yeah yeah [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ 50% more boogie ♪ what's in your wallet? cashhhhh!!! over any other carrier? many choose us because we have the largest 4glte network. others, because of our reputation for reliability. or maybe it's because we've received jd power and associates' customer service award 4x in a row. in the end, there are countless reasons. but one choi. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> you know there is a cover-up of a cover-up when investigation is called a
forecast better-than-expected earnings potential. some taxpayers are still waiting for the irs to show them the money. filers who had expected refunds at the end of march or beginning of april are still empty-handed. earlier in the season, the irs warned software glitches would delay about 600,000 refunds. that was on top of another delay due to the fiscal cliff debate. the irs has not said how many checks still have to go out, but did say taxpayers should see their refunds "shortly." subaru is gearing up to hire workers at an indiana plant. the car-maker is adding 900 employees to build its small- sized impreza. according to a report, production will begin in late 2016. sales of subarus in the u.s. are said to have doubled over the past 5 years. what drivers consider cool is shifting. vintage suvs are becoming more in demand, especially at classic car auctions. in the last five years, the number of classic suvs for auction was up by 150%. topping the list, the toyota land cruiser. other popular finds are the land rover series ii and the jeep grand wagoneer. the pga's players championship t
constru ir las bombas antes de lo previsto. autoridad dicen que encontraron pÓlvora en la casa de los sospechosos. y ahora las autoridades dicen que no es difÍcil descartar que la mujer del hermano mayor estarÍa involucrada. por ello se investigan comunicaciones telefonicas. aÚn no hay planes de entierro del joven tsarnaev, y ya hay abogados interesados en defender al hermano menor detenido. >>> gracias, y bueno, al regresar, el drama de una familia hispana que lucha por salvarle la vida a una bebÉ que necesita un transplante, regresamos. ♪. ♪. >> en vÍspera que el congreso apruebe la anciada "reforma migratoria" sugieren que la recesiÓn causa un profundo efecto entre las minorÍas haciendo mÁs anchas las brechas nos dicen por quÉ. >> lo que estÁ yendo el college no podrÁ ir al colegio porque no vamos a tener dinero. es el chiquito dÍa con dia me preguntan por Él, papi cuando va a volver. la mexicana trata de contener el llanto pero cada dÍa es un problema mÁs a su agitada vida. fue arrestado por agentes de inmigraciÓn. el caos reÚna en su hogar en todo sentido. bu
, today the irs revealed applying for exempt status. it came from the irs official that heads up the division on tax-exempt groups during a conference today sponsored by the american bar association. >> they used names like tea party or patriots, and they selected cases simply because the application had those names in the title. that was wrong, that was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. that's not how we go about selecting cases for further review. we select them for further review because they need further review, not because they have a particular name. >> that stark and damaging omission this morning was followed by a disastrous conference call with the press in which that same irs official who did, i thought, a very good job in that statement declared, quote, i'm not good at math. to be fair, the point she was trying to make is while she is a high-ranking irs official, she isn't a lawyer or an accountant. it was an inauspicious day for the obama administration's irs. based on trigger words in their names is truly scandalous. i'm standing befo
him about the incredible story today that the irs is admitting and apologizing that it targeted conservative groups. his reaction and a lot more, coming up on "closing bell." [ male announcer ] when gloria and her financial advisor made a retirement plan, they considered all her assets, even those held elsewhere, giving her the confidence to pursue all her goals. when you want a financial advisor who sees the whole picture, turn to us. wells fargo advisors. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ >>> welcome back. lovefest versus witch hunt. a growing number of wall street titans have been voicing support for jpmorgan's ceo, jamie dimon, as he battles a resolution to strip him of his chai
hace daÑo, verÁs que tu tambiÉn prefieres ir a lo especÍfico. >>> tras muto ando lo negativo o positivo. >>> yo soy la llama violeta en volviendo mis ganancias. >>> y se enfrentÓ al destino de un dÍa se escribiÓ en las estrellas y dio el primer paso para cambiarlo. >>> yo soy la llama violeta, trans muto ando mi neptuno natal. >>> quiero transmuto ard neptuno especÍficamente la inseguridad. >>> un ser humano puede ser libre hay que ponerse en manos a la obra. >>> y bueno segÚn este astrÓlogo para que sean efectivos deben decirse siempre en alta voz repÚblica tiros durante 20 minutos al dÍa durante seis meses. >>> (♪) >>> y vamos a a a (♪). >>> bueno llegÓ el momento de a ser novedades en el mundo de la farÁndula. >>> y estas son las noticias que estÁn en la mira. >>> en mÉxico se encuentra el famoso cantante julio iglesias y Él llegÓ a promover nuevo dis y cosa y concierto por eso este paÍs y durante esta conferencia de prensa que estÁn viendo le preguntaron por la supuesta boda de su hijo rri kwle que se dice serÁ en miami y asÍ que vamos a escuchar lo que dijo. >
for investigations into the irs. the agency apologized friday after some employees of their cincinnati office were found to have flagged groups with the words tea party or patriot ahead of the 2012 election. those groups received extra scrutiny during the tax exempt application process, including being asked to provide a list of donors. for more on the controversy surrounding benghazi and where it may be headed, i want to bring in the republican from kansas. representative, nice to see you. thanks for joining us. >> alex, thank you for having me on the show today. >> let's talk about this as we just played that clip from white house press secretary jay carney saying that the white house only made some stylistic edits to the talking points about benghazi. what's your response to that? >> well, you know, the talking points are important because we had a major national security failure. we have got an ambassador who was killed and three other americans who were killed. the changes that were made to those e-mails weren't saestheti. they removed any reference to extremism and began to help shape the na
>> this is the fox report. tonight irs is targeting conservative americans for. it was low- level employees doing bad things. is it possible that the people anyhow conservative groups were singled out to pay more taxes? we should mention they did say they were sorry. >> the tax agency inappropriate low targeted the groups with patriot and tea party in their name. the calls are growing louder for the iers to change their ways. >> astronauts tries to patch a leak on the space station. their mission above the earth. in minutes soughted up to find the smoking gun. british royalty hanging out with wounded warriors. prince harry in the warrior games in rocky mountain country. >> i am haris faulkner. sometimes i'm sorry does not cut. it that's what understand in the presidential season. the irs admitted low level workerce targeted conservatives with tea party and patriots in their name. the agency apologyized and said the top level officials didn't not know what understand. but the report shows the senior officials anyhow what was going on as early as 20len. one patriot rejects the apol
the administration officials edit those early statements on the deadly attack? and the irs apologizes for singling out tea party groups for special scrutiny after they applied for tax-exempt status. there were mistakes, but was there a motive? wolf blitzer is off today. you're in "the situation room." dna tests are now confirming what amanda berry has already revealed, that ariel castro fathered her 6-year-old daughter during those ten years she was held captive with two other women. the ohio attorney general's office says castro's dna does not match any other open state cases but national results are still pending through the fbi. meantime, michelle knight has been discharged from the hospital today. she is the last of the three women to be released. there are new questions at the very same time emerging about how authorities handled her case, which generated far less publicity than the other two. cleveland police removed knight's name from an fbi missing people data base 15 months after she was reported missing because t were unable to reach her family. we'll have more on all of that in just a s
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